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01. When I join the WowDining what do I get?

All new members are sent a WowDining membership card, WowDining restaurant directory, Welcome Letter.

02. How do I get started?

First you must join. Secondly, once you have your membership card and, pick a restaurant and take advantage of your special offer. It really is that simple!

03. How long does it take for my new membership to be dispatched?

We aim to dispatch memberships the same day that your order is received. You should have your membership in your hands within 5-7 working days. However, if you need it urgently simply email our membership team and we will do our utmost to have it with you sooner.

04. How much can I expect to save by having a WowDining Card?

There are no limits on the total savings that you can make throughout the year. The more you eat out the more you will save. However, on average WowDining cardholders save 30% on each visit to a restaurant. If you eat out once a week on fine restaurants with meal for two around 1000 Rupees, that equates to over 14400 Rupees of WowDining card saving in a year! It's quite possible to save your entire membership fee in one visit to a restaurant, after that it is pure profit all year.

05. We are a couple, do we need two memberships?

No, one membership card will cover a couple. The membership card has a unique membership number and either person can use the card. However you need to carry the card during dining.

06. Can I use my WowDining card at any time?

Yes! Through out a year twice a day, with large number of restaurants to choose from you are able to dine out at lunch, dinner, weekdays and weekends. Some may feature individual exclusions, which are clearly indicated in your directory.

07. Are there enough participating restaurants in the WowDining?

There's more than enough, with large number of restaurants and more joining every month!

08. How do I find out about new WowDining participating restaurants?

We are always adding to our directory of restaurants and to keep our members up to date we send out fortnightly e-newsletters including entertaining features and interviews, written by our award-winning writers who are passionate about food. We also send an annual newsletter by post; however, the quickest way to find out about new participating restaurants is to regularly check out the what’s new section on the website.

09. How do I know the restaurants will accept the card?

The WowDining team has signed exclusive agreements with all of the participating restaurants stating that they will give you the special offer. We have a dedicated restaurant liaison team that works very closely with restaurants to ensure the smooth running of the WowDining. Furthermore, we eat out at the restaurants ourselves; thus we have built up fantastic relationships with the restaurateurs.

10. What happens if a WowDining member is not happy?

Why would anyone be unhappy when they are saving thousands of rupees each year and experiencing great food and service at the very best local restaurants. But just in case it ever does happen that one of our members becomes unhappy we have a free phone helpline and a dedicated customer service team who are always ready and waiting to help. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with your membership, we'll refund in full the remaining membership regardless of how many times you have used used your card.

11. Why do so many restaurants participate in the WowDining?

No restaurant has every single table full at every single sitting. Therefore they are not doing as much business as they could. Thus it would make sense for them to be a participant of the WowDining. Restaurants that participate with WowDining have fixed costs for every sitting: staff, building and raw materials (By raw materials we mean food. WowDining restaurants are not the sort of establishments that use frozen food thus if they do not sell the fresh produce they have to throw it away.) It therefore makes sense for a restaurant to have someone dining for half price than to have no one eating at all, as the fixed costs have to be paid whether the table is full or empty.

12. What do existing members think about the WowDining?

We think most members like the WowDining card as the vast majority renew their membership after 12 months. However, we do not rest on our laurels and are always striving to improve the Society and run regular feedback sessions.

13. What sort of offers do the restaurants make?

Each restaurant sets its own offer, and they range from a discount from the bill e.g. 30-20% off the food bill, to a special WowDining Card Buy 1 Get 1 free offer. Please check the restaurant's individual page on our website to view the offer for the restaurant you would like to visit.

14. How often is restaurant information updated?

We endeavor to keep restaurant information as up-to-date as possible, particularly in terms of menus and offers; however we are reliant upon participating restaurants informing us of such changes. If you know of any information that is out-of-date or incorrect please let us know.

15. Which restaurants are included in the WowDining Card Directory?

We try to include all the top restaurants in the area, with a wide geographic spread as well as restaurants who offer all types of cuisine you can think of. We are constantly recruiting new restaurants so please keep checking the site for more information, or if there is a restaurant you would like to see as a partner of the WowDining Card then please contact us.

16. Can I recommend a restaurant for inclusion on the WowDining Card directory?

If your favourite restaurant is not currently part of the WowDining Card, or any other restaurant that you would be happy to recommended to others is not included - then please let us know.

17. Can I buy the WowDining Card as a gift?

Yes - the WowDining Card is an ideal gift for any occasion, whether that be for Christmas, Mothering Sunday, Father's Day or simply for birthdays. It is a gift that keeps on giving all year round and all for a small cost of INR 1500.

18. Can I buy the WowDining Card for business use?

The WowDining Card is ideal for business, whether that is entertaining clients or closing deals over a meal. Please contact our team for further information on the WowDining Card for corporate use.

19. Will I be contacted directly by restaurants or other organizations?

Absolutely not! We will never pass your details on to anyone, unless you have specifically asked us to do so.

20. What is the WowDining 'Privacy Policy'?

The WowDining will not release members' details to a 3rd party, apart from to seek authorization for a credit or debit card payment, or if the member specifically asks us to do so.

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